Kori Michelle
Absolute Freedom Concept
My Journey Into A Passionately Abundant Lifestyle.

It is my mission to help women see their genius and live inside their authentic Best Self ever- To help above average women, just like you, become extraordinary by exploring your real purpose in the world, using your passions to create abundance in all areas of life. You're about to embark upon a journey of self discovery and personal development on a level that you probably never really imagined for yourself. 

I don't know about you but for a long time I was convinced that only "special people" could create, out of thin air, a lifestyle of their dreams... 

UNTIL I decided to try it out for myself. My only thought really being, "What else is there? What else could actually happen if I don't succeed?" The answer to which being far greater than where I started.. The answer being, "The next 6months, the next year, the next five years are all going to pass anyway and If I do nothing I will always be exactly where I am now." I also realized that it wouldn't be the exact same, actually, it would have become increasingly worse.  

I seriously never would have thought that my passion and drive for finding out the reason I was put here and the constant pursuit of being a little bit better today than yesterday, would have lead me to the place in my life that I am currently but even if I could've imagined it, my imagination wouldn't have served me well enough. 

I want to invite you on this incredible journey! I want to share with you the magic of stepping into your authentic self because the power inside of you is too incredible to ignore for another second. 

You literally have everything you need right now to do, be, and have everything and anything you can imagine and more! All we gotta do now is find the key that unlocks your abundance so that you can finally be the woman that you always knew you were born to be!

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Julie N.
Kori has truly been a gift in my life. When I met Kori I felt stuck in my life - stuck in all of the ways that I was holding myself back from living fully. She has helped me find my voice, encouraging and supporting me in how to express myself more fully and without fear of how others may respond. I will be eternally grateful of her and cherish the bond that we have.
Lydia T.
Kori knows how to dig deep and truly understand the needs of her followers. She truly cares about each of us and really wants to help us reach our full potential. She is already helping me so much and ive known her less than a month. Its really so amazing what she is doing and im so grateful.
Bri R.
Kori is an Amazing person inside and out!! With her help I’ve achieved so many personal goals as well as learning life long traits, tools, and techniques! Her drive is truly an inspiration. Kori’s passion for her work will totally change your out look on life! Are you ready to become a better person?!? Kori’s just the person you’ve been looking for to guide you through the process! #absolutefreedomconcept
Yvonne M.
A Godsend! This is my time. With Kori as my coach, as my friend in the business, as my supporter, I can now further my dreams!
Trish J.
I really believe Kori is called to help people. I know she is helping me so much. She put a mirror in front of my face and made me really look at my life. I know this might sound extreme but I believe she may have saved my life because the high stress I was living was going to kill me. Thank you so much Kori
Sarah M.
My sweet sweet Kori. You are so beautiful inside and out. You have such a loving, caring, fun and passionate soul. Your drive, determination, compassion, and motivation is just incredible and you surprise me everyday:) Two months ago, I felt lost, confused, and broken down and you have made such an Impact in my life. You have helped me find strength within in myself and have helped me get out of comfort zone within just only a week of talking to you. I look forward to all of your incredible videos and messages you provide. You are so special and I just love ya girl!
Sherissa S. 
She is the one of the best human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and she is helping me change my life for the better holding my hand and guiding me through every step I am finding peace in my life! I love you girl!!
Jennifer W. 
Kori is amazing and awesome! She helps me stay motivated every time I watch a video of her or see her online! She is so passionate about what she does and it's truly inspiring! I can definitely say I look up to Kori.
Leslie M.
Kori is so inspirational and I hope she impacts your life like she has mine!!!!
Paulette P.
Thank you for making this challenge it really puts a lot of things into perspective for me and makes me hopeful for the future again! 
Amanda P.
Kori is the nicest person ever and it's such a joy to be around her!
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